Covid-19 Prevention Plan

Covid-19 Prevention Plan

2 metre/6 feet physical distance between 2 people (not part of the same group) is requested at all times.

We are frequently sanitizing commonly used objects -including door knobs, pens, the credit card machine and cash register.

Trying on clothing & accessories:

    • During busy times, customers are requested to adhere to the limit of 5 pieces maximum at one time as only two out of three fitting rooms will be operational to ensure social distancing

    As per provincial health orders, it is required that everyone wear a mask indoors. Our staff is fully vaccinated and continues to wear masks. We appreciate it if you abide by our provincial health orders as well.

    Staff exhibiting any Covid-19 symptoms will not come in to work.

    We reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19. Please do not enter our store if you have a fever, chills, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat and/or painful swallowing.

    We request that large groups consider coming into the store in smaller factions as opposed to one big group. We try to limit our space to 10 people at any given time (not including staff)

    Things may take a little bit longer with the additional measures being implemented. We appreciate your patience as we try to keep everyone healthy & safe.